Official Development Assistance

International  development  cooperation is an integral part of Iceland's foreign policy. The Strategy for International Development Cooperation focuses on the promotion of human rights and gender  equality, peace and security, as well as the fight against poverty, social injustice, disparity in living conditions and hunger. It furthermore attempts to ensure internal coherence in Iceland's foreign policy with regards to global economic, environmental and security matters.

On October 1, 2008, a new legislation; Act no. 121/2008 on Iceland´s International Development Cooperation, entered into force, replacing the former law on Iceland´s bilateral development assistance dating since 1981. The new Act forms the basis for Iceland´s international development cooperation. It introduces a holistic approach to development cooperation, covering all aspects of Icelandic Official Development Aid (ODA), as opposed to the former law which only dealt with bilateral development cooperation. The new legislation furthermore reflects the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and other international declarations and commitments, it strengthens the role of the legislator in development policy-making and facilitates cooperation between civil society and the authorities.