Landmines (APLC)

International Security

Anti-Personnel Landmine Convention (APLC)

The Anti-Personnel Landmine Convention - APLC was concluded in Ottawa in 1997. It bans certain landmines and provides that State Parties should, inter alia, assist in clearing landmines, provide training and assist victims.  

Iceland supports restrictions on the development, production, sale and use of landmines under the APLC, as well as  the restrictions on landmines under the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (1980) and cluster munitions under the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2008). Iceland supports: 

  • That all States become Members of the above mentioned Conventions.
  • That efforts will be made to develop the Conventions further, with the aim of minimizing humanitarian trauma as a result of landmines.
  • Assistance to mine victims.
  • Assistance in the performance of mine detecting and clearance.



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