Nordic Co-operation

The Secretariat

The Secretariat for Nordic Cooperation is responsible for the interdisciplinary affairs of the Nordic Council of Ministers on behalf of the Icelandic government. The secretariat is under the aegis of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, but also assists the Minister for Nordic Cooperation.

The Secretariat for Nordic Cooperation organises and coordinates Nordic collaborative matters on the basis of the Helsinki Treaty to which Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are parties. The Secretariat makes all preparations for matters to be submitted to the Cooperation Ministers, the Nordic Prime Ministers and the Nordic Committee for Cooperation.

The Secretariat is responsible for preparation of various Nordic cooperation agreements and matters concerning the organisation and coordination of Nordic cooperation. It also prepares funding for Nordic cooperation. An annual report submitted to Alþingi (parliament) by the Minister for Nordic Cooperation is prepared at the Secretariat on the basis of information provided by government ministries. The Secretariat also provides various information and answers enquiries about Nordic cooperation.

In 2009 Iceland chaired the Nordic Council of Ministers and led the work of its Councils of Ministers and Committees of Senior Officials. A policy for Nordic cooperation, the Nordic Road Map was formulated on the theme Nordic Resources, and a variety of collaborative projects and events were organised during the year by government ministries. See website on Iceland's presidency.