High North

The High North

The High North is a core feature of Icelandic foreign policy. Climate change is bringing major challenges and new opportunities to the Arctic region. Among emerging issues is opening of access to rich natural resources in the Arctic, with subsequent increased maritime traffic and the potential opening up of a trans-arctic shipping route between the North Atlantic and the Pacific oceans Great interests are at stake in the High North, as we all know, and safeguarding the Northern Atlantic is without a doubt one of the most urgent security issues for Iceland. But the matter does not concern Icelanders alone, as discussions in NATO and the Nordic Council are clear evidence that Arctic affairs will become more prominent in the agendas of international organisations than ever before.

Iceland emphasises good co-operation between the states possessing interests in the High North and warn against any race for the resources of the North and unilateral actions.

Iceland has for many years had a prominent role in formulating international rules concerning the sea and its utilisation and the use of marine resources and is committed to creating necessary rules for the High North based on international law.

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