Situation in Turkey very serious - 25.7.2016

„The Icelandic government has followed recent events in Turkey very closely and expresses its concerns about the situation, which has become very serious“, says Lilja Alfredsdóttir, Minister for Foreign Affairs. „Developments in Turkey during this last week have been both rapid and unpredictable and Iceland calls for calm and reconciliation,” says the Foreign Minister. “It is important that Turkish authorities fully respect their human rights obligations.


Joint Declaration between Iceland and the United States on security and defense affairs - 29.6.2016

The declaration stipulates continued support of the United States to the NATO air surveillance mission in Iceland and rotational presence of ASWs, close consultations on security and defense affairs, maintainance and operation of defense facilities, information exchange and practical cooperation in the fields of search and rescue and disaster relief.


Reactions to UK's decision to leave the EU - 24.6.2016

During its meeting earlier today the Government of Iceland discussed the results of the British referendum on European Union membership and UK's decision to leave the EU

Sendiherrar á 17  júní

Over 70 Foreign Ambassadors participated in the National Day celebrations - 17.6.2016

The participation of foreign representatives has been an inseperable part of the official celebrations and an important venue for Icelandic authorities to strengthen ties with friends from all over the world.

Hrannar Pétursson

Hrannar Pétursson Political Advisor to the Minister - 4.5.2016

Mr. Hrannar Pétursson has been appointed as a political advisor to the Minster for Foreign Affairs, as of today, 4 May


Parliament approves national security policy for Iceland - 18.4.2016

On 13 April Parliament approved the Minister for Foreign Affairs' proposed Parliamentary resolution on a national security policy for Iceland, with no dissenting vote.

Sendiherrar Íslands og Sameinuðu arabísku furstadæmanna í London undirrituðu samninginn

Tax Information Exchange Agreement with UAE signed - 12.4.2016

A Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Iceland and the United Arab Emirates was signed today, thereby completing a joint Nordic campaign on agreements with low-tax jurisdictions. A total of 44 agreements have been concluded. 

Lilja Alfreðsdóttir tekur við af Gunnari Braga

Iceland's new Minister for Foreign Affairs - 8.4.2016

A new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Lilja Alfredsdottir,  took office today, succeeding Mr. Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson who had held the position since  23 May 2013.


Re-Granting of Icelandic Citizenship - 4.4.2016

The Icelandic Directorate of Immigration draws attention to the fact that the deadline for applying for the re-granting of Icelandic citizenship is 1 July 2016.   MORE...

A summary of Minister Sveinsson's report to Althingi - 22.3.2016

On 17 March Foreign Minister, Mr Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, presented his annual report on Foreign and International Affairs to Althingi, the Parliament of Iceland. 


Minister presents annual report on Foreign and International Affairs to Parliament - 17.3.2016

Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, presented his annual report on Foreign and International Affairs to Parliament. 


Information sheet on fighting bribery - 17.2.2016

In light of increased emphasis put on fighting bribery in international business, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, has distributed an information sheet to all Icelandic embassies and missions.


No talks on permanent stationing in Keflavik - 10.2.2016

In light of a recent reports which state that the U.S. Navy is returning to Keflavík air base, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs wishes to clarify the following: 

There are no talks taking place between Iceland and the U.S. on permanent stationing of American servicemen in Iceland. 

Sigmundur Davíð í pontu á ráðstefnunni

Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson addresses the Supporting Syria & the Region conference in London - 9.2.2016

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Prime Minister, addressed a conference in London on Thursday, supporting Syria and it's neighbouring countries.


Evaluation of political and economic interests - 13.1.2016

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has published its evaluation of the political and economic interests as regards sanctions towards Russia due to the conflicts in the Crimea and the eastern Ukraine.


ICEDIA's activities transferred to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs - 12.1.2016

The purpose is to simplify the organisation of development cooperation in order to maximise results and ensure the best possible use of the funds allocated to this policy area.