Frankfurt Bookfair 2011
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Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011

Iceland was the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest and by far the best known event of its kind in the world. At the Book Fair, the Guest of Honour receives a unique opportunity to present its history, identity, culture and literature to the attentive eyes of the world. The primary focus was on presenting Icelandic literary culture, but Icelandic art and culture in general was promoted as well. The German publication of over 100 Icelandic titles has already been agreed upon in conjunction with the project.

The Guest of Honour appearance also presents other opportunities for cultural collaboration. Art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, concerts and cinema programs have been planned and designed in collaboration with German cultural institutions and companies. Iceland will be well represented in German media with hundreds of articles on Iceland and Icelandic culture, and coverage in radio and television.

Sagenhaftes Island has a tri-lingual web page, where the biggest database on Icelandic literature is available. A newsletter is regularly sent out to thousands of recipients.

For further information visit the homepage of the project Fabulous Iceland: