Legal Team

Icesave Case Team

icesave_team2In the Icesave case before the EFTA Court, the Government is represented by its Agent, Counsel and a team of advisers.


Kristján Andri Stefánsson

Acting as Agent for the Government in this high-profile case is Ambassador Kristján Andri Stefánsson, member of the Foreign Service since 2004 and a former member of the EFTA Surveillance Authority‘s College.


Tim Ward QC, Lead Counsel

Tim Ward is a practicing barrister with Monckton Chambers, widely considered as one of the strongest EU Law chambers. Tim Ward was called to the bar in 1995 and was promoted to silk (Queen‘s Counsel) in 2011.

Tim Ward has acted in many high profile cases, thereof around 50 before the European Court of Justice. He has wide experience in litigating EU law cases, and has appeared in a wide range of cases, i.a. concerning the principle of non-discrimination and state liability for failure to correctly transpose EU Directives (so-called Francovich doctrine, established to apply also under the EEA Agreement by judgement of the EFTA Court in the Sveinbjörnsdóttir case). Mr. Ward was nominated as Barrister of the Year in 2008 and is a leading litigator in his field.

Jóhannes Karl Sveinsson, Co-Counsel

Jóhannes Karl Sveinsson, Supreme Court Attorney, has acted as external consultant to Icelandic authorities since the economic collapse in October 2008, initially as advisor to the Financial Supervisory Authority, i.a. on decisions undertaken due to the financial crisis, and later as advisor to Ministry of Finance as member of the committee negotiating the last set of agreements with the governments of the UK and the Netherlands. Furthermore, Mr. Sveinsson has been instrumental in drafting the Icelandic Government's response to the EFTA Surveillance Authority before and after the infringement proceedings were launched.

Team of advisers

Professor Dr. Miguel Poiares Maduro

Dr. Poiares Maduro is a Professor and Director of the Global Governance Programme, European University Institute in Florence, and Visiting Professor at Yale Law School. He served as Advocate-General for the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg from 2003 to 2009. He specializes in European Union law, international economic law, constitutional law, and comparative institutional analysis.

Einar Karl Hallvarðsson, State Attorney General

The State Attorney General is appointed by the Prime Minister to handle all litigation involving state interests. Mr. Hallvarðsson has vast experience of arguing cases before the Icelandic courts, in particular in cases involving public and administrative law, and is a lecturer in procedural law at Bifröst University.

Reimar Pétursson, Supreme Court Attorney

Reimar Pétursson is an experienced Supreme Court attorney and has written several articles on the subject of Icesave voicing arguments against settling the Icesave disputes through a negotiated solution.

Thóra M. Hjaltested, Adviser

Before recently joining the legal team at Arion Bank, Thóra M. Hjaltested held the position of Director at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, responsible i.a. for financial services. She has been involved in various issues concerning the financial crisis since the collapse in 2008. Ms. Hjaltested is former member of the board of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Kristín Haraldsdóttir, Adviser

Kristín Haraldsdóttir was legal secretary to judge Thorgeir Örlygsson (ret.) at the EFTA Court before taking up her current position as lecturer and Director of the Research Institute of Natural Resource Law at Reykjavík University. Ms. Haraldsdóttir is former member of the board of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Dóra Guðmundsdóttir, Adviser

Dóra Guðmundsdóttir has previously acted as legal secretary to the President of the EFTA Court, Mr. Thor Vilhjalmsson (retired), and later served as ad hoc judge to the Court. She is currently doing post-graduate research on EU-citizenship and non-discrimination, based in London, and is part-time lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Iceland.